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Impact of a Broken Shock Absorber on a Car

May 19 , 2022

As we all know, the comfort of a car is closely related to the shock absorber. Part of our comfort when riding is due to the shock absorber. The shock absorber can make the vehicle run smoothly and has the effect of buffering vibration. If the shock absorber is missing in the suspension, the car will run unsteadily and shake., Which greatly reduces the comfort of drivers and passengers.

One thing to note is that the shock absorber of a car is not used permanently, so many people will ask, if the car shock absorber is broken, what impact will it have on the car? Today we will tell you about it.

Ⅰ. Different types of automobile shock absorbers

Our common shock absorber wholesale includes hydraulic shock absorbers, inflatable shock absorbers, and resistance shock absorbers.

Their composition principles are different, but they have one thing in common, that is, to achieve shock absorption for the car. When the car is equipped with shock absorbers, it can eliminate the vibration of the axle and wheels caused by the road surface, and ensure that the wheels grasp the ground at any time, thereby ensuring the steering and braking functions of the vehicle, and improving the safety of the vehicle.

Ⅱ. Impact of damaged shock absorbers on cars

1. Oil leakage from shock absorber

When the vehicle is running, the shock absorption effect will be greatly reduced until the hydraulic oil leaks out, and the car will have no shock absorption. Unilateral shock absorption and oil leakage will cause the vehicle to run off the track.

2. The top rubber of the shock absorber is aging and falling off

After the top rubber is aged and falls off, when the vehicle shakes up and down, the custom made shock absorbers will directly collide with other parts, making abnormal noises, and may further damage other parts.

3. Fatigue softening of shock absorber spring

The stretching ability of the spring decreases. When the car sinks, the shock-absorbing spring cannot give the vehicle a greater reaction force, and the sinking speed of the vehicle will be faster than normal, and the shock-absorbing and buffering effects will decrease. Because the shock-absorbing spring cannot fully slow down the sinking of the body, the hydraulic pressure received by the shock absorber will increase, causing the shock absorber to leak oil.

It can be seen that the car shock absorber needs us to check and replace it regularly. If we wait until it breaks down, it will not only bring bad experience to the drivers and passengers, but also bring certain adverse effects to the car. Finally, Birkom reminds you not to forget to choose brand products with guaranteed quality when replacing car shock absorbers.

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