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Independent Air Suspension and Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Mar 17 , 2022

The Meaning of Independent Air Suspension

Airbag independent suspension means that the wheels on both sides of cars are not connected to the same rigid axle, and they are connected to the body through their respective connecting rods and springs, which are responsible for their own parts. When one is bumped by road, it will not affect the operation of another wheel. Modern car suspension systems mostly adopt independent air suspension systems. Next part let's see what are the advantages of independent suspension system.

The Advantages of Independent Suspensions

  • The airbag independent suspension is light.

  • The independent airbag trailer suspension improves the ground performance of wheels and the adhesion of wheels to the ground. Especially for ATV, all-terrain vehicles, independent air suspension is a good choice.

  • Wheels on both sides of airbag independent suspension can move independently of each other, which can reduce the body tilt and vibration and is conducive to the comfort of cars and handling stability and improving the riding comfort of cars.

  • The airbag independent suspension makes the engine lower, so cars' center of gravity is relatively reduced, which improves the stability of cars.

The Disadvantages of Independent Air Suspension

  • The independent airbag trailer suspension is of complex structure, which is not convenient for later maintenance.

  • The maintenance cost of auto suspension system is very high, and the manufacturing cost is also very high.

  • The independent air suspension occupies a large space in vehicles.

KOMMAN Product Series

KOMMAN is an air suspension company and an air suspension supplier, committed to the design, research, development, manufacturing, sales, and development of air suspension systems. We will provide customers with vehicle key components products such as air suspension systems of commercial vehicles with the independent brand and independent intellectual property rights and system solutions. We have full enthusiasm to work, to treat customers. At present, we can provide a 3.5T Independent Suspension System, 5.0T Independent Suspension System, 6.5T Independent Suspension System, 7.5T Independent Suspension System to meet the needs of different customers.

KOMMAN air suspension china company provides products including 6-8 meters independent air suspension bus-AFD035 series independent air suspension system, AFD050/055 series independent air suspension system, which can match bus models and tourist bus models in general. Independent air suspension for large buses over 10 meters-AFD065/070 series independent air suspension system, AFD075 series independent air suspension system.

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