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Independent Air Suspension

Air suspension system is generally divided into independent air suspension and nomal air suspension.As need of suspension system in automobile requirements for vehicle driving comfort become higher and higher, airbag independent suspension is becoming more and more widely used on buses. The independent air suspension system in automobile produced by Komman have many obvious technical advantages in the industry. Contact us now to get the latest air suspension system price!

Difference Between Normal Air Suspension And Independent Auto Suspension System

Compared with normal air suspension kit, independent auto suspension system has the advantages of light weight, reduces the impact of the body, and improves the ground adhesion of the wheels. The left and right wheels bounce independently without interfering with each other, which can reduce the inclination and vibration of the body, can greatly improve the comfort of the vehicle.what's more,the independent suspension allows the front wheels to have a large jumping space, which is conducive to steering and facilitates the selection of soft spring elements to improve ride comfort. At the same time, the unsprung mass of the independent air suspension system in automobile is small, which can improve the adhesion of the vehicle wheels and improve the safety.

Working Principle of Air Suspension System

Independent air suspension is referred to as independent suspension.

Independent suspension is an air suspension in which the left and right wheels are disconnected and connected to the frame (or body) through the suspension alone and can move independently. When any one wheel is beaten by the impact of the road surface, it will not affect the operation of the other wheel.

The independent air bag suspension wholesale of KOMMAN company is mainly a double wishbone suspension. The main feature of the independent suspension is that the upper and lower control arms are V-shaped, the upper control arm is shorter and the lower control arm is longer.

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