Shanghai Komman Vehicle Component Systems Stock Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Komman Vehicle Component Systems Stock Co., Ltd.


Komman is a high-tech air suspension custom enterprise in China with a history of 20 years. We can provide customers with very professional and extensive commercial vehicle custom air ride suspension solutions, shock absorber solutions, and aluminium-based liquid forging (aluminium squeeze casting) solutions and programs. By the end of 2020, Komman has declared more than 60 patents, including 4 invention patents and more than 50 utility model patents. After more than ten years of research and exploration, our custom air ride suspension system company has a very professional R&D team and a deep technical background. At the same time, Komman has also established an industry-leading public service platform for research,  development and testing of auto parts. Contact us now and we'll help find the perfect custom air ride suspension kits solution.

  • E-bike Motor Mount Solution

    E-bike Motor Mount Solution

    An a very inportant part of ebike motor kit, motor mount serves to connect the frame and protect the motor. Komman's process for custom air ride suspension kits is liquid die forging, which has great advantages compared to other processes.
  • Bus Air Suspension Solution

    Bus Air Suspension Solution

    Komman has been leading in the field of high-quality professional custom bus air suspension lighting for a long time. , and now share more than 45% market, nearly almost famous bus OEM factories are our customers. We can provide a wide range of city bus air suspension custom solutions.
  • Custom Made Shock Absorber Solution

    Custom Made Shock Absorber Solution

    Our shock absorber has an independent brand "BIRKOM", developed and designed by an international professional team that can meet your air ride suspension customization requirements.
  • Heavy Duty Truck Air Suspension Solution

    Heavy Duty Truck Air Suspension Solution

    The air suspension of Komman heavy-duty trucks can truly realize "door-to-door" transportation and improve the efficiency of vehicle turnover.
  • Indenpendent Air Suspension Solution

    Indenpendent Air Suspension Solution

    Independent air suspension is another very competitive product of Komman. We can provide independent air suspension custom solutions with maximum axle loads ranging from 3 tons to 7.5 tons.
  • Semi-Trailer Air Suspension Solution

    Semi-Trailer Air Suspension Solution

    The custom air suspension of trailers developed and produced by Komman pays great attention to driving comfort, economy and versatility of parts.