Shanghai Komman Vehicle Component Systems Stock Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Komman Vehicle Component Systems Stock Co., Ltd.

E-bike Motor Hanger

The following pictures show the recent shipment of the motor hanger. The destination of the goods in Vietnam. This motor hanger can be adapted to Bosch's fourth-generation motor, and it has been mass-produced now.

Liquid dies forging, that is, squeeze casting, is also called molten soup forging in Japan.

Compared with the aluminum alloy forging process, the aluminum alloy liquid forging process has the advantages of improving the production efficiency, reducing the processing volume, reducing the cost, and producing parts with more complex structures, and guarantees that the product performance is equivalent.

At present, the development level of plunder casting technology mastered by Komman ranks at the forefront of the country. 

Komman's aluminum die-casting ebike motor mount, motor hanger and motor seat can be used in sports & health fields, such as EBIKE, we cooperate with many companies, such as Bosch, Giant and so on.

Ebike Motor Mount

Aluminum Squeeze Casting

Ebike Motor Mounting Plate

Liquid Forging

If you are interested in our motor hanger, please contact us and we can arrange free samples.

Vehicle Shock Absorber Design Teams Provide Customized Serviced for Your Needs.

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