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independent air suspension for 7 10m bus system 2

Independent Air Suspension for 7-10m Bus System

Port:Shanghai, China
Production Capacity:100000 Axles/year
Payment Terms:T/T; L/C
Warranty:One Year or 10,000km
Type:independent  air suspension
MOQ:5 sets
Application:7-10m bus front axle
HS Code:87088090
Transport Package:wooden case
Delivery:About 20 ~ 30 Working Days

AFD050/055 series independent air bag suspension wholesale, high stiffness double A-arm structure, wide airbag span, low unsprung mass, small dynamic load impact, good vehicle ride comfort, good tire grounding.

This air suspension bus system is available to realize 3-stage and 2-stage steering transmission mechanism according to the requirements, which can meet the needs of large wheel angle, and has good steering performance. This independent air bag suspension is suitable for a channel width of 650-900mm and a maximum ground clearance of 350mm.

AFD050/055 series independent air suspension system can be matched with 19.5" and 22.5" disc brakes, which is more adaptable.

It is possible to install the United States ConMet integral oil-lubricated bearings, large heat capacity, wheel hub bearings are not easy to burn, this series of independent suspension systems can be universally matched with the city bus system and tourist vehicles.

Main Technical Parameters of Rear Suspension

ModelAFD 050/055series
Suspension Height270mm
Rated Load4500~5500KG
Axle Travel170mm(+85/-85)
Brake Specifications19.5"/22.5"
Tire Specifications265/70  R19.5 (275/80 R22.5)
Inner and Outer Wheel CornersAFD050:50˚/39.2˚
Front Axle Positioning ParametersToe:(0-2)mm
Caster angle:3.5˚±30′
Kingpin inclination:8.5˚±30′
Camber angle:0.5˚±20′

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