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What Are The Main Components Of Air Suspension?

Jan 21 , 2022

Air suspension system is an important assembly in bus. It is the general name of all force transmission connecting devices between frame (or load-bearing body) and axle (or wheel). The main function of air suspension is to support the frame (or load-bearing body) and elastically connect the frame (or load-bearing body) with the axle (or wheel). The components of the suspension mainly include elastic elements, shock absorbers and guide devices.

Komman Air Suspension System

Elastic Element

The elastic element of air suspension is air spring. Its function is to elastically connect the frame with the axle, bear and transmit the vertical load, mitigate and restrain the impact caused by uneven road surface, and also mitigate the impact caused by emergency braking, acceleration and turning or the change of body position.

Air Suspension Elastic Element

Shock Absorber

The main function of the shock absorber is to generate damping force, so as to quickly attenuate the vibration of the vehicle, improve the driving smoothness of the vehicle, and enhance the adhesion between the wheel and the ground. In addition, the shock absorber can reduce the load of the vehicle body and prolong the service life of the vehicle. Our shock absorber brand is birkom, designed by an international team and produced in China.

Shock Absorber

Guide Mechanism (Force Transmission Device)

Generally, the guide device consists of a controlled swing arm rod system. The form of the guide mechanism is matched with the elastic element. In order to prevent excessive lateral inclination (roll) of the bus body understeering and other conditions, an auxiliary elastic element, i.e. lateral stabilizer (lateral stabilizer bar), is also installed in the suspension system. Its purpose is to improve the roll angle stiffness, make the vehicle have insufficient steering characteristics, and improve the handling stability and driving smoothness of the vehicle.

Guide Device of Air Suspension System

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