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Analysis of the Five Advantages of Air Bag Suspension

Dec 12 , 2022

When it comes to the suspension method of automobiles, the most loaded civilian vehicles are nothing more than leaf spring suspension and air suspension. With the development of technology, air bag suspension has almost become one of the identity labels of high-end heavy trucks.

Of course, any technology has advantages and disadvantages, and so does air suspension. Below, we have summarized some advantages and disadvantages of air suspension for your reference.

1. The vibration of the air bag suspension is small

The adjustment of the air spring can ensure the constant height of the compartment and reduce the bumps from the ground, which is beneficial to protect the safety of the cargo.

2. Quick loading and unloading of air bag suspension

When loading and unloading, the chassis height of the vehicle will decrease with the increase of cargo loading. The air bag suspension can adjust the chassis height in real time, and two memory heights can be set, which is especially useful when loading and unloading. And it also has unique advantages in quick drop and hang.

3. The weight of the air bag suspension is light

Compared with the traditional leaf spring suspension, it is much lighter. This is also an important reason why ordinary users pay attention to the air bag suspension. Under the current premise of charging by weight, the lightweight advantage of the air suspension is obvious.

4. The airbag-suspended rear axle can be lifted

When the vehicle is unloaded or lightly loaded, the rear axle can be lifted. On the one hand, it can reduce tire wear and improve fuel economy. On the other hand, it can increase the load on the drive axle (used in some specific cases).

5. The cargo volume of the air bag suspension is increased

Each full-airbag model will set an upper and lower limit height. Taking the C7H full-airbag tractor vehicle as an example, it is equipped with 315/70R tires.

When the vehicle is at normal height, the lower wing of the frame is 680mm from the ground, the highest height of the frame is 820mm from the lower wing of the vehicle, and the lowest height of the vehicle is 605mm from the lower wing of the frame to the ground. The height difference in the middle can be loaded with more goods under certain conditions.

Compared with the traditional leaf spring suspension, the air bag suspension does have unique advantages in some aspects. But in terms of economy and practicality, leaf spring suspension is still the current mainstream.

In addition to mature and reliable performance, the leaf spring suspension has greater load-carrying potential. In general cargo transportation, the leaf spring suspension axle is more adaptable. In express logistics and other aspects, the advantages of air bag suspension are also very prominent.

However, from the perspective of the loading rate, the air bag suspension is always an inevitable development trend. We believe that in the future, with the further maturity of the manufacturer's technology and the further reduction of the price, the air bag bridge will definitely become a standard configuration for the public.

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