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Causes and Solutions for Deflated or Wrinkled Air Suspension Airbags

Feb 23 , 2023

The most common faults of air suspension are airless airbags or airbag wrinkles . The causes of these two situations are different, and the treatment methods are also different . They should be treated differently when they are actually encountered.

1. All airbags of air suspension are airless

This situation is relatively simple to check, as long as we understand the air suspension structure of the air suspension, we can start from where to start. The air source of the air suspension is connected from the brake system, passes through the pressure protection valve, and is stored in a special air storage tank. When working, it passes through the filter to the core component of the air suspension—the height control valve, and then to the left and right airbags.

Reasons for this may be :

(1) The special air storage tank for air suspension has no air or the pressure is very low. In order to ensure that the braking system has sufficient pressure, when the air pressure of the trailer is lower than 0.6MPA, the pressure protection valve will suspend the air supply to the air suspension storage tank;

(2) The air pipeline is blocked or discounted, and there is no air;

(3) The connecting rod of the height control valve falls off;

(4) The height control valve is damaged.


(1) Adjust and replace discounted or blocked trachea.

(2) Adjust the installation height control valve connecting rod.

(3) Replace the height control valve.

2. The air suspension airbag is inflated but the airbag is wrinkled

Reasons for this may be :

(1) When the vehicle is transported and hoisted, the airbag is stretched out more, and it is not reset normally, causing the airbag to wrinkle;

(2) When the vehicle enters or leaves the maintenance workshop or a large slope, it may also cause some airbags to be overstretched, resulting in airbag wrinkles.

Solution :

Disassemble the connection between the rubber connector under the vertical pole of the height control valve and the axle, lift the pole up, and wait for all the airbags to be fully inflated, then put the pole back, and the airbags will return to their normal state. In addition, if such failures often occur during driving, it is necessary to consider adding a limit device between the axle and the frame.

3. The braking of the tractor and the semi-trailer is not synchronized, and the air suspension causes the braking of the vehicle to jump

Reason for the failure:

When the vehicle is parked or reversed, due to the inertia of the vehicle, the rear of the vehicle will be stretched upward at the moment of braking. At the same time, when the hand brake is applied, the rear of the vehicle will not be able to fall back. In the inflated state, the airbag air pressure will be exhausted. When the brake is released again, the whole vehicle will drop instantly or cause the airbag to fold.


(1) Park or reverse the vehicle slowly to stop the vehicle and then pull the handbrake, the above situation will not occur.

(2) If there are wrinkles in the airbag, loosen the connecting bolts between the height control valve and the axle, inflate the airbag completely, and then put the connecting rod back to its original position.

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