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The Air Suspension Has The Following Characteristics

Jan 22 , 2022

1. Selection of spring height, load-bearing capacity and spring stiffness: When designing, the spring height, load-bearing capacity and spring stiffness can be selected independently of each other, and the spring height, load-bearing capacity and spring stiffness can be selected in a wide range, that is, the characteristic curve of the relationship between deformation and load can be designed as required. Available extremely soft spring characteristics, and different load-bearing capacity can be obtained by adjusting the internal pressure.

2. Has ideal variable stiffness characteristics : As the load on the air spring increases, the pressure of the compressed air in the container increases, and its rigidity also increases; when the load decreases, the rigidity also decreases as the air pressure decreases. Therefore, this spring has ideal variable stiffness characteristics. The stiffness is variable, and when the impact is large, there is enough stiffness, and the spring characteristics are ideal.

3. Not affected by the number of passengers, the vehicle body maintains a certain height and the shaft geometry remains unchanged. Because the shaft geometry is unchanged, the driving performance is relatively reliable under various load conditions. Through the level adjustment system, the chassis is free and stable.

4. The natural vibration frequency is low: the rubber air spring of bus air suspension system is connected with the additional air chamber, which can reduce the natural vibration frequency of the rubber air spring device to 0.5∽3Hz, so it has very good comfort. Under any load, the rubber air spring can. In order to maintain a low and almost equal vibration frequency, the same comfort can be maintained.

5. It can isolate high frequency vibration and has good sound insulation effect: The rubber air spring is composed of air and rubber, with low internal friction, and will not affect the ability to isolate high frequency vibration due to the natural vibration of the spring itself. In addition, the rubber air spring has no metal-to-metal contact, Therefore, it can be soundproofed, and the soundproof effect is also very good.

6. The damping effect of air can be used to add an orifice between the rubber air spring and the additional air chamber. When the sprung load vibrates, the air flows through the orifice and loses energy, thus damping the vibration.

7. Longer service life: The fatigue resistance of rubber air springs is many times better than that of metal springs.

8. Body structure: The heavy duty air springs have a soft body structure, so it has a comprehensive vibration isolation effect in the axial, lateral and rotational directions.

9. Manufacturing and installation: The rubber air spring is relatively low-cost, easy to install and replace, and simple to maintain. It does not need frequent maintenance and does not need to be refueled.

10. The height of various vehicles can be adjusted through the electronic attachment, and the dynamic height adjustment can adjust the aerodynamic lift.

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