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Airbag Suspension Has Many Advantages!

Jul 08 , 2022

Many people only know that the airbag suspension has better shock absorption and the vehicle is more comfortable. Today we want to tell you that the advantages of airbag suspension are not only comfortable, but the hidden advantages of airbag suspension are described below.

1. Airbag suspension has good shock absorption effect

The reason why the airbag suspension can provide a good air shock absorber effect for the vehicle is that it uses the compressibility of air. Compared with the steel plate suspension, the airbag suspension can achieve a "soft connection", and the deformation of the airbag is faster and better than that of the steel plate, so air bag suspension can bring good shock absorption effect to the vehicle.

Airbag vehicles have a good shock absorption effect, and are often used in vehicles that transport glass, precision instruments and other goods. In recent years, truck drivers have higher requirements for vehicle comfort, and many vehicles transporting ordinary goods have begun to use airbag suspension, and airbag suspension brings more than just comfort to car owners.

2. Airbag suspension is more fuel efficient

It is said that vehicles with airbag suspension will be more fuel efficient. It is estimated that many people will not understand why. Let me tell you how airbag suspension can save fuel.

For example, when a vehicle is driving on a bumpy road, should it slow down and pass slowly? At this time, if the vehicle is airbag suspended, it can pass the bumpy road without decelerating or decelerating slightly.

After the vehicle decelerates, it needs to accelerate to the normal speed. This process needs to consume more fuel. The good shock absorption capacity of the airbag suspension can allow the vehicle to pass quickly and minimize the impact of bumpy roads on the speed of the vehicle. Therefore, the vehicle with airbag suspension will save fuel.

3. Airbag suspension protects chassis components

Thanks to the good shock absorption effect of the airbag, the vibration of the vehicle from the road surface can be minimized, the damage to the chassis components due to vibration can be minimized, and the loosening of the screws on the chassis can also be avoided.

For the simplest example, the airbag suspension such as the bus airbag suspension will greatly reduce the chance of the trailer being welded. Some trucks are durable in part because of their airbag suspension.

4. Airbag suspension is convenient for drop-and-hang transportation

The airbag-suspended tractor makes the drop-and-hang transportation faster. The ECAS system can be used to quickly adjust the height of the airbag, and the fastest connection and disconnection can be realized, which can effectively reduce the number of times of shaking the outriggers of the trailer. It is precisely because of the convenience of drop-and-hang transportation that more and more logistics companies are now using air suspension china products.

5. Airbag suspension is convenient for loading and unloading goods on platforms of different heights

Today's vehicles often need to stop at the platform for loading and unloading goods, and there will be differences in the height of the platforms in different freight yards, which will cause inconvenience for forklifts or ground cattle to load and unload goods inside the vehicle. If the vehicle adopts an airbag suspension, the height of the airbag can be adjusted so that the height of the cargo box of the vehicle is consistent with the height of the platform to facilitate loading and unloading of goods.

6. Airbag suspension saves tires and protects the road

Because the airbag suspension is a "soft link", when the vehicle is driving on a road with poor road surface, the tire and the road surface fit better, and it will not make the tire and the road surface hard contact like a leaf spring, which will accelerate the wear of the tire, so the airbag suspension reduces tire wear.

At the same time, thanks to the suspension "soft link" of the airbag, the tire damage to the road surface will be much less, and the road surface can also be protected.

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