Shanghai Komman Vehicle Component Systems Stock Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Komman Vehicle Component Systems Stock Co., Ltd.
Air Ride Truck

Truck Air Suspension

Port:Shanghai, China
Production Capacity:100000 axles/year
Axle load:11.5T-13T
Payment Terms:T/T; L/C
Type:Guide arm structure/4-bar structure/Leaf torsion bar spring structure
Application:4X2/6X4/8X4 Heavy Truck
Warranty:1year or 100000km
Hs code:87088090

The advantages of the heavy truck air suspension system are simple structure, lightweight, maintenance-free, high component versatility, and a high degree of interchangeability.

The lifted truck air suspension system has the advantages of reducing fuel consumption and tire wear when the vehicle is running due to the light weight of the vehicle when the vehicle is unloaded.

Compared with the leaf spring suspension, the duty air ride suspension truck has a lower offset frequency, greatly improves comfort, and can effectively protect the transportation of goods, especially for the transportation of hazardous chemicals; this air ride truck suspension adopts a series structure of air spring and a guide arm, with a lateral thrust rod, which greatly improves the anti-rolling ability of the whole vehicle. These heavy-duty air suspension kits are suitable for trucks, truck tractors, truck trailers.

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