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Shock Absorber and Its Classification

Mar 18 , 2022

Shock Absorber

Good shock absorbers are mainly used to suppress the shock and impact from the road when the spring is rebounding after shock absorption. Good shock absorbers are used to suppress the spring's reciprocating motion, although they can filter the vibrations of uneven roads. In a truck air suspension system, elastic elements vibrate as a result of impact. In order to improve the ride comfort of vehicles, truck air suspension systems and elastic elements are installed in parallel with different types of shock absorber to attenuate vibration.

The Classification of Shock Absorber

Spring Shock Absorber

Spring shock absorbers use metal materials as elastic elements (such as spring plates, steel wire). Common shock absorbers are cylindrical springs and conical springs. The advantage of the spring shock absorber is not sensitive to environmental reactions, suitable for harsh environment with high temperatures, high colds, oil pollution, etc. It is of stable performance, not easy to aging. It has a wide range of stiffness, which can be made very soft or very hard.

Rubber Truck Shock Absorbers

Rubber truck shock absorbers take rubber as the elastic element of shock absorber and gold bend as the supporting frame. The heavy truck air suspension can effectively absorb high-frequency vibration due to the large dumping of rubber material. When the vibration string passes through the common seismic region, it will not produce too large vibration amplitude. It can withstand the impact and has a good impact on isolation performance.

Gas-Filled Shock Absorber

The structure of gas filled shock absorber is characterized by a floating piston at the lower part of the cylinder and high-pressure nitrogen gas in a closed gas chamber formed by the floating piston and one end of the cylinder. When the wheel beats up and down, the working piston of gas filled shock absorber reciprocates in the oil, so that the oil pressure difference is produced between the upper cavity and the lower cavity of the working piston, and the pressure oil pushes the compression valve and the extension valve and flows back and forth. Because the valve exerts a greater damping force on the pressure oil, the vibration will be reduced. Hydraulic shock absorbers are widely used in truck air suspension systems.

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