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What Are the Hazards of a Broken Car Shock Absorber?

Jun 08 , 2022

During the operation of the vehicle, the road conditions will have a certain impact on the vehicle itself. The generation of this force will affect the safe driving of the vehicle, and will change the driving speed and fuel consumption; damage.

Since the impact force cannot be slowed down and eliminated, it will hinder the normal operation of the engine, and secondly, the torsional connection device of the power output of the engine will have an accident due to continuous bumps.

Ⅰ. The damage of the shock absorber broken:

1. If the air suspension shock absorber is damaged and not replaced, long-term driving will reduce the actual effect of the vehicle's shock absorption, resulting in abnormal noise when the car is driven to a very bumpy ground, destroying the entire suspension system of the vehicle, and causing deformation of the vehicle suspension system.

2. If the broken shock absorber is not replaced for a long time, it will also endanger the ride comfort.

3. The oil leakage of the shock absorber will cause the uneven bearing force on both sides of the tire, which will cause the car to be blocked, and will lead to common fault conditions such as the deviation of the tire direction for a long time. In the end, the cost of repairing the car is much higher than the cost of replacing a shock.

4. If the shock absorber wholesale of the vehicle is damaged, it will cause the vehicle to feel very turbulent when driving safely on the uneven ground. The left and right force of the vehicle is very strong, and abnormal noises will continue to occur.

Ⅱ. The shock absorber casing

The shock absorber belongs to the vulnerable parts of the vehicle, which immediately endangers the driving stability of the vehicle. When the shock absorber of the vehicle is broken, touch the shock absorber shell with your hand after driving for 10 kilometers in an area with poor road conditions. If it is not hot enough, the body shakes a lot, and the vehicle has abnormal noise, it means that there is no resistance inside the shock absorber. , the shock absorber does not work.

When the vehicle presses the bumper hard, then loosens the vehicle and bounces 2~3 times, indicating that the shock absorber has a good working attitude. Abnormal.

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