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Air Suspension Bus

Mar 12 , 2022

The Background of Air Suspension Bus

China's bus industry is making continuous progress, and the technical level of large and medium-sized buses has also achieved remarkable development, which is very popular in the world. With the rapid development of China's automobile industry technology level, the allocation rate of air suspension in domestic large and medium-sized buses has been increasing year by year, and it seems that air suspension in China's automobile field has become an inevitable trend.

With the gradual development of buses, there will be new energy vehicles, using komman bus air ride suspension systems to improve the comfort and reliability of vehicles, extend the service life of tire and brake systems, reduce maintenance costs and reduce highway maintenance costs.

The Meaning of Air Suspension Bus

Air ride suspension for buses, simply speaking, is the general name of the connection device between the body and the wheel, composed of a shock absorber, guide mechanism, and elastic elements. Air ride suspension for buses, broadly speaking, is the suspension using air springs as elastic elements.

Air Suspension Bus Working Principle

The air suspension bus working principle is to form compressed air with an air compressor and send compressed air to the air chamber of springs and shock absorbers, so as to change the height of vehicles. The horizontal height sensor is arranged near the front wheel and rear wheel. According to the output signal of the horizontal height sensor, the air suspension control unit determines the change of the height of the body and then controls the compressor and the exhaust valve, so that the spring is compressed or stretched to play the effect of shock absorption. You can also check the bus air suspension diagram.

The Classification of Air Suspension Bus

The air suspension bus made by our company includes Front Air Suspension System-Four Link Structure, Front Air Suspension System Vertical Leaf Spring Structure, Rear Air Suspension System-Portal Structure, Front Air Suspension System-Flat Spring Structure, Rear Air Suspension System Equalizing Beam Structure.

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