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How to Adjust the Suspension Height of the Trailer Airbag?

Dec 05 , 2022

1. Application of trailer air bag suspension

The trailer air bag suspension height adjustment operation can be adjusted directly by using the manual height valve in the car. There is a height adjustment button on it, just switch the gear back and forth. The air bag suspension adjusts the height of the vehicle's cargo platform within a certain range to facilitate loading and unloading of cargo.

Hanging bucket air bag suspension can often provide a good shock absorption effect for the vehicle, which also uses the fluid density of the gas. Compared with the thick steel suspension, the air bag suspension can realize the "conductive soft connection", and the deformation of the airbag is stronger than that of the thick steel plate. It is fast and high-quality, so the air bag suspension can provide a good damping effect for the vehicle.

The shock absorbing effect of airbag vehicles is very good, and it is often used in vehicles that transport glass, instruments, dangerous chemicals and other goods.

2. Advantages of using trailer air bag suspension

In response to the increasing demand for vehicle comfort, Chinese truck drivers have begun to use trailer air bag suspension on many equipment for transporting special goods, and trailer air bag suspension brings more than just comfort to car owners.

The car with trailer air bag suspension will be more fuel-efficient. When the car walks on a shaking road, if the car is suspended with trailer airbag, it can follow the shaking road without slowing down or slightly slowing down.

After the car slows down, it needs to speed up to the normal speed. This process will consume a lot of gasoline and diesel. The good shock absorbing ability of the trailer air bag suspension can make the car pass quickly and minimize the impact of the shaking road on the speed. Cars with trailer airbags are relatively fuel-efficient.

Thanks to the excellent shock absorbing effect of the airbag, it can minimize the vibration of the vehicle from the ground, minimize the damage to the chassis parts due to the vibration, and at the same time, the loosening of the screws of each component on the chassis of the automobile can also be prevented.

To give a relatively simple example, the trailer air bag suspension will greatly reduce the chance of the trailer opening welding. Imported trucks tend to be very durable, partly because of the air bag suspension system used.

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