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Development of Semi-Trailer Air Suspension

Feb 18 , 2023

1. In the future, air suspension will be used on semi-trailers

Future semi-trailers will use air suspension. I believe everyone has heard the word "air suspension" and is no stranger. Today we will briefly introduce the advantages and disadvantages of air suspension, and provide convenience for the purchase of semi-trailers in the future.

As the name suggests, air suspension is just a suspension with air springs as elastic elements. The most obvious feature is the airbag-style air springs. What are the advantages and disadvantages of air suspension ? Let's see.

(1) Light weight

One of the biggest advantages of air suspension is that it is lighter than traditional leaf spring suspension. This is an important reason why ordinary users pay attention to air suspension. It can reduce the weight of the air suspension on the premise of charging.

(2) Stable riding

Compared with light weight, vehicles using air suspension are more stable and worthy of attention. The elastic coefficient of the air spring is the soft and hard energy of the spring, which can be automatically adjusted according to the needs.

When the vehicle is traveling at high speeds, the air springs harden to improve the vehicle's stability. When the road conditions are poor, the air springs soften and improve the comfort of the vehicle. The adjustment of the air springs also ensures a constant height of the car, which is conducive to the safety of the cargo.

(3) Lift available

Improvement can be reflected in two aspects. One is that the axle can be lifted by air suspension, which is beneficial to reduce tire wear and fuel economy, and is especially suitable for working conditions with one-sided ventilation.

2. What does the semi-trailer air suspension system include?

The semi-trailer air suspension system is a product popular in the automobile industry in developed countries today. In developed countries, 100% of medium-sized and above passenger cars adopt air suspension system, and more than 40% of passenger cars, trailers and tractors adopt air suspension system.

Generally speaking, vehicles equipped with air suspension will have ground clearance sensors near the front and rear wheels. The valve makes the spring automatically compress or extend, thereby reducing or raising the ground clearance of the chassis to increase the stability of the high-speed body or the passability of complex road conditions. In daily adjustment, the air suspension will have several states. (1) Keep the state. When the vehicle is lifted by the lifter and leaves the ground, the air suspension system will close the relevant solenoid valve, and at the same time the computer will memorize the height of the vehicle, so that the vehicle will maintain the original height after landing; (2) Normal state, that is, the engine is running. During driving, if the height of the vehicle body changes beyond a certain range, the air suspension system will adjust the height of the vehicle body at regular intervals; (3) Wake-up state. When the air suspension system is awakened by the remote control key, door switch or boot lid switch, the system will check the ride height through the ride level sensor. If the vehicle body height is lower than the normal height by a certain degree, the air tank will provide pressure to raise the vehicle body to the normal height. At the same time, the air suspension can adjust the hardness of the shock absorber, including three states of soft state, normal state and hard state, and the driver can control it through the control button in the car.

Of course, compared with the traditional suspension, due to the complex structure of the air suspension, the probability and frequency of failure will be higher than that of the coil spring suspension system, and the use of air as the power source for adjusting the height of the chassis requires the sealing of related components. In addition, if the height of the chassis is adjusted frequently, it may cause local overheating of the air pump system, which will greatly shorten the service life of the air pump. Of course, with the continuous improvement of the technical level, many problems have been well resolved, and at the same time, the applied models are becoming more and more extensive.

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