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Does the Air Suspension Have to Be Replaced After a Few Years? if the Air Suspension is Broken, Should All 4 Be Replaced Together?

Feb 14 , 2023

Ⅰ. How many years does the air suspension need to be replaced?

The air suspension must be replaced when the service life is over, because the system needs to use airbags or air struts, short-term use is not enough to cause too much impact on the airbags and struts, but after a long time of use, the moisture in the air is easy to adhere to the rubber layer and affect the cracking of the rubber layer, then the entire air suspension system will fail, or the small gravel splashed during driving will penetrate the airbag, which may also affect the failure of the entire system.

The general service life of the air suspension is about five years in normal use. If it is often parked and not used, the service life will drop to about three years; if it is driven under the harsh conditions of uneven and bad roads, the service life of the air suspension will be greatly reduced. And there is no guarantee that there will be no problems during the actual service life.

Ⅱ. Daily maintenance of air suspension

If the air suspension is broken, you don't need to replace all 4 at the same time, you only need to replace the damaged one. However, air suspension should also pay attention to daily maintenance. The following are some operations for daily maintenance of air suspension:

1. For vehicles equipped with air suspension, the owner should pay attention to avoid parking the vehicle for a long time, drive a few kilometers every once in a while, and charge and deflate the air suspension, which can prolong the service life;

2. Rinse the surface of the airbag with clean water to clean the airbag and the foreign matter on the plastic base (do not use other chemicals to clean);

3. Regularly check whether the airbag has aging, corrosion or air leakage, and replace it if any; if the plastic base of the airbag is seriously deformed or cracked, it is necessary to check whether the FH value of the leveling valve is normal, and replace the damaged parts at the same time.

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