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Analysis of the Benefits of Air Suspension

Feb 07 , 2023

1. What is air suspension?

As a kind of automobile suspension, automobile air suspension is usually composed of air compressor, pressure accumulator, control unit, front and rear axle body height sensors, three vehicle body acceleration sensors in different directions, and four air spring stretch acceleration sensors; Shock the airbag or the gas in the air chamber, play a role in changing the state of shock absorption and stabilizing the vehicle body level.

At the same time, the air spring shock absorber is equipped with an exhaust valve that can remove the air inside. According to the position of the air bag, there are two common air suspensions. One is to install the air bag separately on the outside and exist independently; One is set inside the shock absorber and is integrated with the shock absorber.

The principle is that the sensor transmits the collected signal to the control unit, and then the control unit issues instructions to adjust the air spring hardness and shock absorber damping after calculation, so as to achieve the highest elastic state, the entire response time is only tens of microseconds, so the air suspension system can respond timely and appropriately to every tiny movement of the wheels.

2. The benefits of air suspension

The advantage of air suspension is that it is different from the ordinary suspension consisting only of springs and shock absorbers in the traditional sense. Adjust according to road conditions. The air suspension can be adjusted autonomously according to these situations and make corresponding changes.

In addition, when driving at high speed, the computer will also control the lowering of the body to reduce the wind resistance above the body and make the vehicle more stable.

On the contrary, its disadvantage is that its complex production process and many components make the sales cost of the product expensive. Generally, only high-end cars will be equipped with air suspension, such as Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Volkswagen Phaeton. However, the high cost will naturally lead to extremely expensive maintenance costs in the later period. The replacement of a single air shock absorber and the labor cost often cost tens of thousands of yuan.

Because the adjustment of the air suspension is controlled by the computer alone, sometimes the back and forth changes in the height of the vehicle body can easily cause the problem of deviation, but just doing the four-wheel alignment will not achieve the recovery effect. In addition, the computer needs to reset a vehicle height.

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