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Types of the Semi-Trailer Air Ride Suspension

Jul 27 , 2023

Suspension, also known as a suspension system, is the collective term for all the power transmission connection devices between the semi-trailer frame and the axle, used to transmit the forces and torque acting between the wheels and the frame, buffer the impact force transmitted from the road to the frame or body, and reduce the resulting vibration, so as to ensure that the vehicle can travel smoothly.

Semi-trailer air suspension can be divided into four types

Rigid semi-trailer air suspension

The chassis of the rigid suspension acts directly on the axle between the wheels, without springs as a buffer. When encountering uneven road conditions, it relies entirely on the swing of the balance beam to maintain the relative balance between the front and rear axles.

This kind of semi-trailer air suspension is currently relatively rare because it has a very poor shock absorption effect and is mainly used in low-speed transportation of cargo on low flatbed semi-trailers.

Steel plate semi-trailer air suspension

Also called a series connection type steel plate spring balance suspension, which is the commonly used steel plate spring suspension, mainly composed of steel plate springs, suspension seats, connecting rods, U-bolts, etc.

The greatest advantage of this type of semi-trailer air suspension is its low cost, reliable performance, and easy maintenance. Therefore, the proportion of steel plate suspensions used in domestic semi-trailers is currently the largest, at around 70%-80%.

Single-point semi-trailer air suspension

Also known as the steel plate spring front and rear support reduced to a single support connected to the body, which can evenly distribute the force points to different axles, so it has a larger load-bearing capacity and is generally used on heavy-duty trailers.

Air semi-trailer air suspension

Also known as an airbag suspension, its most notable feature is the airbag-style air spring. Compared with other suspensions, the cushioning force of air suspension is better, which can effectively protect the cargo and improve driving comfort. It is mainly used in transportation of precision instruments, hazardous chemicals, and other goods.

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