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Air Suspension Enhances Driving Experience with High-end Configuration

Feb 08 , 2023

1. Air ride suspension system makes adjustable ride height of the vehicle realized.

Some luxury car models are equipped with an air ride suspension system, which differs from a conventional suspension system in that it uses air springs instead of metal coil springs. The hardness and elasticity of the air springs can be adjusted by adjusting the amount and pressure of the air pumped into them.

By adjusting the amount of air pumped in, the stroke and length of the air springs can be adjusted, allowing the vehicle's chassis to be raised or lowered.

2. The air ride suspension system has better vibration isolation effect and continuous change of stiffness with load.

(1) The air springs are filled with air, which is compressible. They have better vibration isolation effect than steel springs, and many small vibrations generated by rough road surfaces are difficult to transmit to the interior of the car through the air springs, effectively improving the ride comfort;

(2) With the increase of load, the air inside the air springs is continuously compressed, and the stiffness constantly changes, which can achieve a non-linear stiffness curve and improve the riding comfort.

3. Air suspension is mandatory for heavy-duty commercial vehicles and mainly installed in high-end car models.

According to the disclosure of a certain enterprise, 100% of medium and above passenger vehicles in developed countries use air ride suspension systems, and over 40% of passenger cars, trailers and tractors use air ride suspension systems.

In China, air suspensions are mandatory for hazardous goods transport semi-trailers weighing over 12,000 kg.

4. The high cost of air suspension leads to low penetration rate, and there is great space in the passenger car market.

Air suspension complete set supply price is about 12,000-14,000 yuan, currently primarily installed in luxury car models such as BMW 7 series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and Range Rover with prices above 700,000 yuan.

With the intensifying competition in the new car market, functional differentiation has become a selling point for various car companies, and the demand for air suspensions has greatly increased, with price ranges constantly declining.

According to our calculations, the penetration rate of passenger car air suspension in China will be about 1.8% in 2021, and the penetration rate after deducting imported cars will be about 0.7%, which has a lot of room for growth.

Komman is striving to become a world-class air suspension, shock absorber and aluminum alloy liquid forging solution provider. We are working hard to create maximum value for customers, create benefits for employees, business partners and shareholders, and contribute to society and communities.

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