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Exploring the Potential of Aluminum Squeeze Casting: Efficiency, Precision, and Versatility

Apr 22 , 2024

Aluminum squeeze casting is an efficient, precise and widely applicable processing technology. With the continuous development of technology and the increase of market demand, aluminum squeeze casting will have more extensive application space and market prospects in the future. This article will introduce aluminum squeeze casting in detail.

Basic Principle and Characteristics

  • High efficiency: Alumina squeeze casting can be processed in a short time with high productivity.

  • Low loss: The technology does not require cooling medium, which reduces energy consumption, and at the same time, the billet loss is low because aluminum extrusion is completed based on the precise control of billet up and down volume.

  • High precision: The technology enables high precision machining and excellent surface quality of the workpiece, which is conducive to improving product quality and competitiveness.

  • Wide applicability: Aluminum squeeze casting can be applied to different materials and shapes of aluminum alloys, and can cope with various complex product requirements.

Classification of Aluminum Squeeze Casting

  • Hot extrusion: Using the plasticity of aluminum material at high temperature, the aluminum billet is deformed and shaped by heating and pressure.

  • Cold extrusion: The aluminum billet is extruded by pressure at room temperature. This technology does not require heating and cooling media, and has the advantages of low cost and high precision.

  • Bimetallic Extrusion: Two different metal materials are combined together by extrusion process to obtain high performance and high strength composite materials.

Status and Trends in Different Application Areas

  • Automotive field: Aluminium squeeze casting is widely used in the field of automotive lightweighting, mainly used for manufacturing body structure parts, chassis parts and engine parts, etc.. In the future, aluminum squeeze casting will continue to play an important role in the automotive field, especially with the development of new energy vehicles, the requirements for reducing the body mass and improving the body stiffness are more urgent.

  • Construction field: Aluminum squeeze casting is also widely used in the construction field, mainly used in the manufacture of doors and windows, curtain walls, aluminum alloy pipes and foundation components. In the future, with the continuous development of the construction industry and the improvement of building quality, aluminum squeeze casting will have greater application space and market demand.

  • Aerospace field: Aluminum squeeze casting also has important applications in the aerospace field, mainly used in the manufacture of fuselage, wings and engine parts. In the future, with the development of aerospace industry and the requirements of aircraft lightweight, aluminum squeeze casting will have a wider application prospects.

Aluminum squeeze casting has obvious advantages in producing automobile parts with complex structures and large bearing capacity by aluminium liquid die forging. After years of development, Komman has successfully developed and After years of development, Komman has successfully developed and mass produced many kinds of auto parts, such as truck cab front suspension bracket and air suspension airbag support. If you have interest, please contact us.

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