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The Specific Classification of Automobile Suspension

Jul 01 , 2022

There are three main classification methods for automobile suspension systems: according to the characteristics of the guiding mechanism, according to the type of elastic elements and according to the principle of action.

1. According to the structural characteristics of the guiding mechanism, the automobile suspension system can be divided into three categories: non-independent suspension, independent airbag trailer suspension and semi-independent suspension.

Independent suspension means that the left and right wheels are connected to the frame (or body) through their respective suspensions without interfering with each other; non-independent suspension means that the left and right wheels are connected by an integral shaft, and then connected to the vehicle through the suspension The frame (or body) is connected, and will interfere with each other when crossing the ridge. The common non-independent suspension in civilian vehicles is the integral bridge type.

The left and right wheels are connected by a hard axle to form an integral rear axle structure. When the wheel on one side is impacted and floats up and down, the wheel on the other side also floats, and the mutual interference of the wheels on both sides affects the comfort of the vehicle. Its advantages are strong bearing capacity, good durability and reliability. For handling, there are pros and cons to integral axle suspension. The advantage is that the wheels can be as perpendicular to the ground as possible, providing a strong grip; the disadvantage is that the weight of the vehicle itself is large, and the unsprung mass becomes larger, which makes the car's ground contact worse, especially when cornering. Therefore, the integral axle suspension is not suitable for cars that emphasize handling.

Semi-independent car suspension is between independent and non-independent, and the typical semi-independent suspension is torsion beam suspension.

This suspension is mostly used on the rear axle of front-drive light cars. The torsion beam in the middle of the suspension can be equivalent to a large anti-roll bar, which has a certain torsional elasticity, so the wheels on both sides are neither completely independent nor completely integrated. The lateral support of the torsion beam suspension is very good, and excellent sports performance can be obtained. The disadvantage is that there is no way to arrange the drive shaft, so it can only be used for the rear axle of front-wheel drive vehicles.

2. According to the type of elastic elements, the suspension system of automobiles can be divided into leaf spring suspension, coil spring suspension, torsion bar spring suspension, air suspension and oil and gas suspension.

3. According to the different working principles, the automobile suspension system can be divided into passive suspension, active suspension and semi-active suspension.

Active suspension is a device that adds a controllable force to passive suspension (elastic elements, shock absorbers and guide devices), and is often composed of actuators, measurement systems, feedback control systems and energy systems.

Our semi-active air bag suspension wholesale replaces the actuator with a shock absorber with controllable damping, and does not consider changing the stiffness of the suspension, but only considers changing the damping. No power source, consisting of controllable damping elements and springs.

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