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Technical Development Of Bus Suspension

Jan 14 , 2022

Due to the gradual high-speed of modern buses, the requirements to ensure handling stability / active safety and ride comfort / occupant comfort are becoming increasingly prominent, so the requirements for suspension system are becoming higher and higher. The technical development of bus suspension presents the following trends. Firstly, from the classification of elastic elements, more and more elastic elements with good elastic performance are used in bus suspension to replace the traditional leaf spring suspension. For example, an air spring is used, or a few leaf spring which can improve the characteristics of the traditional leaf spring is used. 

After using air suspension, its height needs to be controlled and adjusted. In addition to the general mechanical height control system, electronic height control system is also increasingly used. Secondly, from the classification of the left-right correlation of the suspension, the independent suspension is more and more used in the bus suspension, especially the front suspension. Bus independent suspension mainly includes air spring independent suspension, coil spring independent suspension and torsion bar spring independent suspension. In addition, from the development of shock absorber, bus suspension has begun to adopt some advanced technologies in shock absorber, mainly aiming at the fixed damping characteristics of traditional shock absorber, using adjustable damping shock absorber to adjust and control the damping characteristics of shock absorber according to different working conditions. 

Adjustable damping shock absorber includes mechanical or electronic control. In the electronic control mode, there are electrorheological or Magnetorheological Shock absorbers that change the same flow area of the valve hole in the shock absorber through electronic control and change the fluid characteristics of the shock absorber through electronic control.

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