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Is Trailer Air Bag Suspension + Disc Brake Bridge a Trend?

Dec 19 , 2022

Judging from the current development history of trailers, China's road transport industry has gone through the previous barbaric development stage and entered a new development process. Let's take a look at the advantages of air bag suspension and disc axle, and analyze the development trend of trailers in China.

1. Development of air bag suspension trailer

The truck industry in Europe and the United States developed relatively early. At present, the trailers in developed countries are basically air bag suspension + disc brake bridge, mainly because the safety has been greatly improved. The air bag suspension can not only protect the chassis, but also effectively reduce the damage to the overall frame of the trailer.

At present, the new national standard GB7258-2017 mandates the installation of air suspension and disc axles for three-axis curb trucks and warehouse-type semi-trailers, which shows that the country really wants to govern the freight industry. It accounts for more than 50% of the domestically produced trailers. Basically, except for some special-purpose special vehicles, other cargo three-axle fence vehicles and warehouse grid vehicles can basically meet the demand.

Ⅱ. The air bag suspension is lightweight and height adjustable:

1. Airbag suspension Generally speaking, airbags are used instead of common steel plates. A sealed air tank is filled with compressed air, and the vehicle is shock-absorbed by using the compressibility and elasticity of the gas. Think of it like a rubber ball that we can squeeze hard and inflate and deflate to withstand tons of pressure.

2. High comfort and good shock absorption effect: Airbag suspension uses compressed air to realize soft connection. It can alleviate most of the impact from the road surface and reduce the bumps when passing uneven roads. Not only is the driving experience comfortable, but it also protects the goods very well, especially for high value-added items, such as precision instruments, express delivery, tankers, and cold chain transportation and so on to avoid breakage caused by bumps.

3. Lighter weight: Now that the new national standard has been implemented, only legally compliant trailers can travel farther. After the rated cargo capacity is calibrated according to the axle, weight reduction is what major manufacturers must do. The air bag suspension must be lighter than the steel suspension. A set of air suspension is at least 100 kg lighter than the steel suspension, which can effectively increase the weight of the cargo.

The current disc brake bridge + air suspension system is very comfortable and suitable for road transportation. It can not only protect the chassis system and tires of the trailer, but also increase the service life of other parts on the trailer with the blessing of the air suspension system.

In the long run, the cost of using the trailer is similar to that of the previous plate suspension and drum brake system, so now the country is slowly eliminating the drum brake under the premise of ensuring safety, and now it is only a three-axle fence and a fence The trailer may cover other trailer models later.

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