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Is Air Suspension Really That Good?

Feb 28 , 2023

When looking at the configuration table of various car models before, I found a project called air suspension. Now, let's talk about this air suspension (chassis).

1. What is air suspension?

As the name suggests, air suspension is also a form of suspension that is suspended. It is different from the suspension composed of a coil spring and shock absorber that we often see. The air suspension system is equipped with an air spring that compresses the air and a shock absorber with variable damping. It uses the compressibility of the gas to achieve its elasticity. Inside the suspension, the air pressure can automatically adjust with changes in load and road conditions.

2. What are the benefits of air suspension?

One of the advantages of air suspension is that it can automatically adjust the hardness of the spring. During high-speed driving, the suspension will automatically become harder, providing better support to the vehicle and making the ride more stable. During long periods of low-speed driving, the suspension will automatically become softer, providing the driver and passengers with better comfort. In other words, it has elasticity.

Air suspension can also make the vehicle more maneuverable and is also beneficial to automatically maintain the level height of the vehicle body, making it easier to handle. Air suspension also incorporates traditional chassis automatic lifting technology, ensuring better stability at high speeds and increasing passability at low speeds.

Generally, higher-level things are more expensive, and the same goes for air suspension. Although technology is constantly improving, the cost of air suspension is still relatively high compared to ordinary spring suspension, making it difficult to popularize in mid- to low-end cars. Moreover, more complex things are more prone to damage, and air suspension is no exception.

If there are problems with the sealing of related components, the entire system will be paralyzed. In addition, frequent adjustments of the chassis height may cause localized overheating of the pneumatic system, shortening its service life.

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