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Guide to Custom Shock Absorbers: Make Driving More Comfortable

Apr 15 , 2024

The shock absorber system of a car is an important part of our driving process, however, it is well known that most manufacturers tend to make sacrifices on shock absorbing steering in order to pursue economy and stability, thus affecting driving comfort and safety. Therefore, custom shock absorbers are becoming more and more popular. This post will share with you the considerations of custom shock absorbers.

Importance of Custom Shock Absorbers

A common problem that you often encounter while driving in a car is bumps and shakes. It may not sound too serious but it can have a very big impact on our health. If your body is bumped or shaken while driving, it can cause paraplegia, cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, etc. The seriousness of this cannot be ignored. Therefore, it is very necessary to modify the shock absorber stability of the car.

How to Choose Custom Shock Absorbers

We need to pay attention to some key performance parameters, such as custom shock absorbers spring and temperature adaptability. The correct choice of custom shock absorbers takes into account the type of vehicle, its weight and the situation of the vehicle's use to ensure that we meet our needs. In general, You need to choose custom shock absorbers that match your car model, so that you can ensure the safety of driving.

How to Install Custom Shock Absorbers

It is best to ask a professional technician to do the installation. Before installation, we need to make sure the selected custom shock absorbers are suitable for your car model to avoid unnecessary trouble. When installing, we need to remove the original shock absorbers, and then pay extra attention to the placement direction and installation direction of the custom shock absorbers. Uniform reinforcement force is needed when tightening.


First of all, we should try to avoid driving at high speed on potholes, concrete roads, and other uneven surfaces, which will not only waste custom shock absorbers, but also damage the vehicle. Secondly, in the process of driving we should pay attention to the gap with the road surface and potholes, etc., to avoid breaking the bridge or speed party. Then again, we should follow the standardized process of installing custom shock absorbers instead of changing it arbitrarily. These are the things that need to be taken care of.

Custom shock absorbers are very important for our comfort and safety while driving. When replacing custom shock absorbers, we have to choose the right type to ensure the driving effect as well as personal safety. Komman has continued to invest in research and development of adjustable air shocks, and Komman has continued to invest in research and development of adjustable air shocks, and continuously improve the production process and air ride shocks products. Birkom custom air shocks for sale is a very competitive product unit of the If you have interest, please contact us.

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