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The Function of Automobile Shock Absorbers and the Symptoms After Damage

May 12 , 2022

Once the shock absorber of the vehicle is damaged, it will not only affect the normal operation of other parts or damage other parts, but also reduce the ride experience of the driver and accelerate the driver's fatigue. This is for safe driving There are certain hidden dangers, so what is the role of the shock absorber? What are the symptoms of a broken shock absorber?

Ⅰ. What are the functions of the shock absorber?

The automobile shock absorber is a very important part of the suspension system. Its main function is to suppress the spring from absorbing vibration deformation and the shock when the spring rebounds, and at the same time absorb the impact force from the road surface. When the vehicle is driving on uneven roads, the wheels will be affected by the impact force from the ground and transmitted to the vehicle body through the springs in the suspension system, thereby causing the vehicle body to vibrate.

In this process, the spring is constantly stretched and compressed, and oscillates under the action of inertia. The function of our air shocks for sale is to delay the extension and compression speed of the spring, and at the same time absorb the resulting shock. When the spring is deformed, it can quickly stabilize, thereby improving the ride comfort of the drivers and passengers.

Ⅱ. What are the indications that a car shock absorber may be damaged?

1. Ride experience

When the shock absorber does not work properly, the vehicle bumps badly when passing through the potholes. Driving on such a road will soon make people feel carsick. The bumps will make some people unbearable, just like falling into a big pit. The vibration amplitude of the car body increases, the sudden vibration, the feeling that the heart will jump out, and the comfort in the car will disappear.

This shows that the function of the shock absorber has failed. Avoid potholes and find a smooth place on the road. First, solve the problem of these kinds of shock absorber of the car.

2. Abnormal temperature

When experiencing a rugged road, check the shock absorber. You can directly use your hands to feel the temperature of the shock absorber. The shell of the shock absorber feels very cold, which means that the shock absorber is damaged and has not participated in the work. It is normal to feel that the shell is hot. The shock absorber radiates this part of the heat in a heat situation, heat is the vibration of the car body and the mechanical energy of the wheels is converted into heat energy to achieve the purpose of shock absorption.

3. Oil leakage

When the shock absorber is working, the oil mist evaporated by the high-temperature oil is often attached to the wall of the cylinder. As the vehicle travels, the dust brought by the wheels will bond together with the oil mist to form a layer of sludge. This situation is normal. However, if there are large areas of oil stains or oil droplets on the cylinder wall and lower lifting ring of the shock absorber, the oil leakage of the shock absorber has failed.

4. Abnormal sound

If a certain shock absorber is damaged, the corresponding wheel is equivalent to no shock absorber, which will greatly reduce the shock absorption effect. When the vehicle is driving on a bumpy road, it will make a "boom" noise. At the same time, the adhesion between the wheel and the ground will also decrease. When the vehicle is cornering, the wheel will leave the ground. At this time, it can be clearly felt that the body roll is increased, and in severe cases, sideslip may occur. Even the danger of loss of control.

This is mainly because the damping of the shock absorber is too small to effectively suppress the compression of the spring. Therefore, when the shock absorber fails, especially when cornering, the speed of the vehicle must be reduced to ensure driving safety, and then timely maintenance.

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