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What is Airbag Suspension? What Kinds Are There?

Jul 15 , 2022

1. What is airbag suspension?

Airbag suspension uses an air spring as an elastic element and air as an elastic medium. A sealed container is filled with compressed air, and the compressibility of the gas is used to realize shock absorption of the vehicle by the elastic effect.

Can you understand? Very simple, if you see a truck with a large airbag on the rear axle, then this type of suspension is an airbag suspension.

2. How many types of truck airbag suspensions are there?

At present, there are two common types of airbag suspensions on trucks, namely European-style suspension and American-style suspension. The difference between the two is mainly in the structure of the airbag guide arm (load-bearing beam, suspension arm). The heavy truck air suspension can exist in the form of single-axle 4 airbags and single-axle 2 airbags.

Careful card friends can find that a 4-airbag structure is used on a rear axle of European trucks. This design can bring better shock absorption and bearing capacity to the vehicle. The single-axle 4 airbags can filter the vibration transmitted from the wheels to the maximum extent.

The single-axle 4-airbag suspension basically adopts the following structure: the link between the axle and the airbag guide arm is fixed in the center, there is an airbag at the front and rear of the guide arm, one end of the airbag is linked with the frame, and the other end is linked with the guide arm. At present, most domestic trucks use this single-axle 4-airbag suspension design.

Single-axle 2-airbag suspension, as the name suggests, uses 2 airbags on a single axle, and truck axles in the United States will use a single-axle 2-airbag structure. At present, the 2-airbag suspension structure is commonly used in semi truck front air suspension, but according to the structure of the guide arm, it can be divided into two types: American suspension and European suspension.

The single-axle 2 airbag will adopt such a structure: the front end of the airbag guide arm is linked with the frame, the rear end is linked with the airbag, and the upper end of the airbag is linked with the frame. The single-axle 2-airbag suspension is somewhat similar to the torsion beam suspension of a car. It can be understood as a non-independent airbag suspension. In theory, the shock absorption effect is not as good as that of the 4-airbag suspension. The airbag suspension with 2 airbags is less expensive.

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