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Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Suspension China

Mar 16 , 2022

The air suspension system provides cushioning between the body and the wheels to reduce vibration during driving. Komman air suspension China will introduce air suspension advantages and disadvantages in this blog to help you better choose the right air suspension products.

Advantages of Air Suspension

  • Air suspension endows the car with more spirituality and vitality. When you're driving at high speeds, the air suspension system hardens to improve stability. When you're driving on the uneven road at low speeds for a long time, the control unit will make air suspension supplies soft to improve the comfort of cars.

  • Air suspension is to achieve the different suspension performance in the same car by adjusting the hardness and length of air springs, so as to take comfort, moveability, stability, and trafficability into account.

  • The installation of an air suspension system provides you with excellent driving performance, which can play a protective role on the road. The amount of wear on the road can be reduced by 50%, and the roughness of the road can be improved by 15%.

  • The independent air suspension can not only ease and inhibit the impact caused by uneven roads but also take the initiative to adjust the height of the body.

  • The biggest characteristic of the air suspension system is that the chassis height can be adjusted up or down according to the ups and downs of the road so that the vehicle can adapt to the driving needs of a variety of road conditions. For this purpose, the air suspension system is favored by off-road enthusiasts, which can ensure that off-road vehicles can run under bad road conditions and pass through mud, wading, sand, and other conditions smoothly.

Disadvantages of Air Suspension

  • The cost of buying or choosing air suspension supplies is very high. Air suspension supplies are the optional feature on most vehicle models, even luxury ones. Air suspension supplies are standard on only a few ultra-luxury cars or SUVs.

  • The maintenance cost of air suspension supplies is particularly high. When air suspension is in good condition, the working condition is perfect. Once there is a failure on the air suspension, we will pay a lot of money for maintenance and even replacement. If the air suspension is suddenly broken in the driving, it will be a big potential safety hazard.

We are an air suspension manufacturer and air ride company, committed to the manufacture, sales, and development of air suspension supplies. We hope to provide you with high-quality products. We have full enthusiasm to work and treat customers. If it is necessary, please feel free to consult us!

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