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Types of Automobile Suspension System

Mar 10 , 2023

1. What is the automobile suspension system?

The suspension system is the general term for all the power transmission connections between the vehicle frame and the axle or wheel of the car, the entire support system composed of springs and shock absorbers between the body and tires. Its function is to transfer the force and torque acting between the wheel and the frame or body, and to buffer the impact force transmitted to the frame or body by uneven road surfaces, and to attenuate the vibration caused thereby, to ensure smooth driving of the car. Different suspension settings will give drivers different driving experiences.

The seemingly simple suspension system encompasses multiple forces, determining the stability, comfort, and safety of cars, making it one of the key components of modern cars.

2. Types of automobile suspension system

Generally speaking, the automobile suspension system is divided into non-independent suspension and independent suspension.

(1) The wheels of the non-independent suspension are mounted on both ends of a solid axle, when one side wheel bounces, the other side wheel also bounces accordingly, making the entire body vibrate or tilt. Non-independent suspension systems have the advantages of simple structure, low cost, high strength, easy maintenance, and small changes in the front wheel alignment during driving, but due to the increasing demands in ride comfort and stability of cars, they are no longer used in modern cars and are mostly used in trucks and buses.

(2) Independent suspension systems have each wheel suspended separately under the frame or body through an elastic suspension system.

It has the following advantages:

- Lightweight, reducing the impact on the body and improving the grip of the wheels on the ground

- Uses softer springs with lower stiffness, improving the comfort of the car.

- Allows the engine position to be lowered, reducing the center of gravity of the car, thereby improving driving stability

- Each wheel can bounce independently without affecting each other, reducing body tilt and vibration. However, independent suspension systems have the disadvantages of complicated structure, high cost, and difficult maintenance.

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