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Reasons and Solutions for Oil Leakage of Shock Absorbers

May 05 , 2022

As the most core component of the vehicle shock absorption system, the vehicle shock absorber is mainly responsible for absorbing the vibration and impact caused by the uneven road surface when the vehicle is driving, so as to provide a comfortable driving experience for the vehicle drivers and passengers. Once the shock absorber is damaged, it will greatly affect the driving comfort of the vehicle, and even cause hidden dangers to driving safety. Under normal circumstances, the most common fault of automobile shock absorbers is oil leakage, so if the shock absorber leaks, do we need to replace it? What are the causes and remedies for the oil leakage of automobile shock absorbers? With komman, let's take a look.

Ⅰ. Is it necessary to replace the car's shock absorber if there's oil leakage?

Regarding whether it is necessary to replace the oil leakage of the car shock absorber in time, the key is to see whether the oil leakage is serious. If it is only a slight oil leakage, we don't need to replace it; but if the shock absorber leaks more seriously, we have to replace it in time. But whether it is a slight oil leakage or a serious oil leakage, as long as the oil leakage inside the shock absorber is reduced, it will have a certain impact on the damping force of the shock absorber. The main performance reflected in the cab is the vehicle suspension. Soft, even loose, abnormal noise and other problems. In serious cases, on larger potholes, the shock absorber is also very likely to be damaged due to bottoming. So air ride custom could be a good choice for your vehicles.

Ⅱ. Causes of oil leakage from car shock absorbers

1. Vehicles often drive in harsh environments such as potholes and muddy, and external silt and other debris will be mixed into the oil seal, causing the oil seal to wear and damage in advance.

2. The oil seal is aging normally and loses its sealing ability.

3. The shock absorber has been strongly impacted, resulting in internal damage.

Ⅲ. Treatment of oil leakage of automobile shock absorber

Automobile shock absorber when the product has slight oil leakage, it generally does not need to be replaced. Usually, due to the high temperature volatilization of the oil attached to the surface of the piston rod, the slight oil leakage does not affect the product performance; when the surface of the outer oil cylinder is seriously leaking, the surface oil accumulation is large, and the product will show abnormal noise, lack of force value and other sites, which need to be replaced; komman is striving to become a world-class air suspension; birkom shock absorber wholesale; aluminum alloy liquid forging solution provider. Create maximum value for customers; create benefits for employees, business partners and shareholders, and contribute to society and the community.

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