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Composition of Heavy Truck Air Suspension

Mar 20 , 2022

Stinger Assembly (Guide Mechanism)

Guide mechanism supports the kinematics and dynamics characteristics of the heavy truck air suspension system. When lifted truck air suspension is in operation, air springs for trucks mainly play the role of vertical load, and the guide mechanism plays the role of longitudinal force, transverse force, and torque transmission. The guide element of heavy truck air suspension has two types which are guide arm and guide spring. The guide arm has two structures of thrust rod and integrated molding, which is beneficial to realize the lightweight of vehicles. The front end of the guide spring is connected with the frame for bearing function, and the rear end is connected with air springs for trucks, which is mainly used in the composite lifted truck air suspension.

Airbag Assembly (Elastic Element): Heavy-Duty Air Springs

Heavy-duty air springs realize the spring function of heavy-duty truck air springs through the compressed air in the airbag. Heavy-duty truck air springs can play a better elastic role in heavy truck air suspension. The stiffness of heavy-duty air springs is variable with the change of load and working conditions, so it can obtain more reasonable elastic characteristics in practical use. Heavy-duty air springs are highly adjustable.

Custom Shock Absorbers Assembly (Damping Element): Custom Shock Absorbers

The function of komman custom shock absorbers is to accelerate the attenuation of vibration between the body and the frame, improve the riding comfort of vehicles and increase the adhesion of the wheel and the ground. It is installed in parallel with the elastic element.

Height Control System

The principle of the height control valve is to control the height of heavy-duty air springs by controlling the change of the gas pressure inside heavy-duty truck air springs, which is divided into two kinds of instant type and delay type. The instant height valve can timely adjust springs, which is characterized by controlling timely to improve the working condition. But it is of high installation accuracy and high manufacturing accuracy, and it has a heavy load because it is actually in work condition, resulting in increasing the wear among parts. The delay height valve will have a delay in time control, which has a different period and can effectively reduce the load, friction, and noise.

Mechanical height control systems and electronic height control systems are two kinds of height control methods of heavy truck air suspension now.

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